Energy Hedging for Consumers and Producers


Kodiak Fuels develops, implements and manages customized client specific hedge programs to effectively manage price risk using appropriate derivative instruments for consumers and producers in the airline, energy, refining, chemical, natural gas and crude oil sectors.

Our expertise:

  • Design customized risk management programs for jet fuel, refined products, crude, natural gas, fuel oil, NGLs and other commodities
  • Manage physical hedging and inventory management
  • Design alternative purchasing and sales programs
  • Create Daily Forward Market Prices (JetFuel,etc.) FASB133 Reports (36 month forward pricing)
  • Generate Daily Client Hedge Book marks (MTM) Mark-to-Market Reports
  • Publish and distribute Kodiak Fuels Weekly Market View with Market Summary, Recommendations, Hedging Style/Transaction Update, etc.
  • Execute hedging transactions and manage follow-up details including preparing monthly settlements
  • Assist accounting in transaction control
  • Develop new Counterparties and manage "Credit Risk" and “Margin Controls”
  • Create real time and historical Charts and Graphs using GlobalView/Marketview (
  • Chart Platts/OPIS/Argus related commodities
  • Identify technical influences and market analysis
  • Identify and Detail fundamental, financial and geopolitical influences
  • Recommend hedges in style, timing, tenor, size and commodity
  • Develop "Risk Controls" for hedging and commodity risk management
  • Develop Asset Management skills for existing Programs including Monetization alternatives
  • Create and Implement Actively Managed Hedge Programs (AMP) to effectively managing existing hedges